Den digitala framtiden

Jeffrey Cole från Center for the Digital Future är en av världens ledande experter på den digitala utvecklingen och en av årets viktigaste gäster på SMW. Livebloggen frågade honom fyra snabba inför hans framträdande på torsdag:

What, if anything, can Sweden teach the rest of the world when it comes to utilizing digital media?
Sweden is one of the great newspaper reading societies on earth. It can teach the world that opportunities for newspapers in the digital space outweigh the challenges to off-line newspapers.

What is the most important lesson Swedish media producers need to learn to not fall behind in the digital evolution?
Sweden is ahead in many so many areas, especially mobile (where the U.S. is still a third world country) so the world has much to learn from Sweden. Still, Swedish media producers need to understand that some media will become smaller businesses (film and music) in a digital era while television, even though the players and power will shift, is about to explode with growth as it becomes synonymous with video and moves to mobile.

Will we use television sets in 10 years?
Yes, but they are only one of the three screens. And those screens will pick-up web signals and it will only be a semantic argument as to whether TV is a URL on the web or the web is a channel on the television set. At the same time we are pitting small screes in our pockets and purses, we are buying bigger and better screens at home and will continue to use the set.

What expectations do you have for your appearance at the SMW?
I don’t think my appearance at StockholmMediaWeek will change the world (I was here last year and the world is substantially the same!!) but I do hope that as the only people tracking web and off-line change for the past eight years (in the U.S., Sweden and other countries) we can really provide a sense of challenges and opportunities in digital media.


1 Response to “Den digitala framtiden”

  1. 1 late maj 6, 2008 kl. 11:49 e m

    Intressant, man undrar just hur film och musik kommer att krympa ännu mer. Frågan är om TV verkligen blir så stort i mobilen, är det inte så att många testförsök har gjorts och att det inte tar fart, det är kanske en ny form av TV som måste komma fram.


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