Slutet av dagen närmar sig och nu ska undersökningen från StockholmMediaWeeks hemsida och Floskeltoppen redovisas. Staffan Dopping, numera Försvarsmakten får kommentera.
Staffan Doppings egen värsta lista över floskler:
Vid en rättning om ett fel namn säger man alltid Han heter Sven Olsson, Och ingenting annat.
Eller värst av allt: över till studion

Så här blev till slut floskeltoppen:

Floskeltoppen 2007
10 helikopterperspektiv
9 leverera
8. pinpointa
7. Hygienfaktor
6. Highlighta
5. win win situation
4. biggest bang för the buck

(Staffan den är bra i försvarsmakten: – pang för pengarna… Leni Björklund hittade på den för att motivera våra kostnader. )

3. Marinera frågan
2. Ligga i framkant
och nu nummer ett:
1. Tänka utanför boxen



1 Response to “Floskeltoppen”

  1. 1 R maj 9, 2007 kl. 5:56 e m

    Now I have spent 4 hours at your show and here are my direct and honest thoughts of the day…

    • Complete lack of substance!
    I needed more facts/real info. Why is this interesting? What’s the intention behind the day and how did that come out.
    So many different subjects without any connection.

    • Self marketing
    It smelled like self-marketing of the business.
    It is a show only for existing media companies.

    • Self promoting (on a pedestal)
    The guests did not take neither the issues/topics nor themselves seriously.
    Too much smiling and joking.
    Too much self-promoting. (This is what we do and look how good we are).
    They put themselves on a pedestal.

    • Detouring the topic
    Lack of relevance.
    The issues as presented in the program seemed interesting but the guests detoured the topics and really had nothing inspiring or new to say and did not seem like they wanted to share their knowledge.

    • Bad stage preparation
    Too dark and cosy setting. No interacting with the crowd

    • No new knowledge transmitting.
    You should have brought in international personalities from abroad to challenge the Swedish way to do things and to teach how things could be done differently.

    • Lack of visual stimulation
    We needed more concrete examples: tons of beating about the bush with a lot of casual meaningless small-talk

    I’m sorry to tell you I found it highly uninspiring. I expected so much more. I would love to learn more about your strategy behind and if you have any questions regarding my feedback please contact me.

    Best R


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